A heavy heart is hard to hide.

Cheeks pressed to palms,
fingers awning two eyes,
My Beloved sweeps in to reclaim and remind,
Jaws tightly clenched, this heart even more,
He softly whispers, "Receive what I restore,
Sweet one remember, you run but I risk,
Come into my rest, let's reminisce,
I'll tell of a story, one you know by heart,
Resist me no more, come reembark,
I rushed into wreckage, 
wrapped you up in my warmth,
Rewrote what was rampant,
Remembered no more,
Come reenter my rhythm,
Put weary away,
Sweet one be ravished, revived, & remain"


Dancing in Freedom

You saved me from this world. 
Though I was wrapped in chains, none could hold you.
When nothing else seemed to let me go, neither did you.
When the battle defeated me, you stood.
When I was stripped of any life, you were my life.
You saved me from this world.
So I will dance freely in your love

"Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you FREE."- John 8:32

"We have escaped like a bird out of the fowlers snare; the snare has been broken, and we have escaped."- Psalm 124:7


Let me tell you a real love story.

There was a little girl who loved the light, who lived in the light, & who was surrounded by it.
Everyone she knew loved the light and taught her to do that well. She spent time in it, even as a child felt the power of it embracing her in times she spent alone. It drew near to her, it sought her out, it showed her how to love. She shone it from her heart.

Life became rocky. Everyone she loved became a broken, angry, twisted version of themselves. Hurt was not something the little girl was familiar to, but now lived in it. Where was the light? Why didn't the people around her seem to love it anymore? Maybe she shouldn't. The little girl didn't feel so little anymore.

So she didn't let herself be.

Once hurt was numb, very little could touch her... or so she was convinced. Invincible!  No one could see in the dark, and she liked it that way. Then no one could see what she was doing, who she was doing it with, or who was doing it to her. She began to feed off of the dark, she sought the dark, & was surrounded by it. Everyone around her loved the dark & was teaching her to do that well.

From time to time the light would break through her shell, as if the body trying to heal itself, but she ignored it & patched it up with more hurting, more darkness, more numbing. She consumed herself with any darkness within her reach, but this aching her her soul began to grow. Memories broke through the numbness- why wasn't the dark fixing this? She would think to herself about visiting with the life, but she knew darkness didn't want that. He told her there was no room for that childish nonsense anymore. The light only wanted to spend time with her because she was innocent then, but now no light could touch her.
The little girl wanted to run, but in the darkness she couldn't see anything around her.

Getting older brought new kinds of darkness that seemed to do the trick of keeping her occupied. She became craftier with the tools that darkness offered. She practiced with them daily, because if she was still she felt overwhelmed with the knocking of the light & it hurt. She hadn't seen it in so long, she became afraid of it. She didn't want to be exposed, she didn't want to be known. But the tools she began to fight with didn't work against the light. She was weak & exhausted.

But the light broke in, it didn't break with a single hole, but with a shatter. When the light shined on the little girl, she was terrified. She hesitated to open her eyes because she knew the ugliness that she would see. But as the light shone brighter, she peaked one eye only to see untouched skin, healed scars, and the face of a little girl.  The light engulfed her and drenched her heart mind and soul. It began to grieve with her, for her hurt, for her sorrow, and for her fear. But only to rejoice with her in her return.

He reached out his strong hand as hers trembled to grip it. The light was warm.
The little girl loved the light, was living in the light, & felt surrounded by it. The light guided her to a placed where there were people who loved the light also and taught her to do that well. She spent time in the light, and felt the power in freedom. She was given new tools that seemed to be apart of her & the light taught her how to use them. The light drew near to her, it sought her out, it showed her how to love. She shone it from her heart... and she never lived without it again.
This was love.

Based on a true story :).